Building Credit Like a Boss: How I have been fixing my credit score

I always hated money, primarily because I grew up in extreme poverty watching people close to me locked up or dead because they were chasing paper. I hated it. Always hated it.
But, that was because – I had a gross misunderstanding of how to leverage money to better improve my life circumstances.
Through my hate of money and banks, I had ZERO credit cards and a history of my credit being ruined by a parent as soon as I turned 18 years old. By 21, someone else had already RUINED my credit. That only fueled my hatred for the entire system.
But – last year, I moved 1300 miles away from everything and everyone I knew to improve my daughter and I’s life. The biggest challenge to doing that was that I had NO credit history outside of student loans. Further, because my credit had been ruined, I had a really bad credit score.
Getting a car loan was so hard. Finding an apartment was so hard. I always did everything via Cash flow – never bought anything I could not afford. And I STILL don’t.
Those difficulties along with a good friend of mine buying a house, made me realize it was time for a change. I’m a grown ass woman with a child and I want to leave her a legacy – so I set out to build my credit score.
I started with a secured credit card that required a down payment. After using that for a few months, I applied for another credit card. I was waiting – almost expecting – for sure that I was going to get that familiar email – “Unfortunately, we cannot give you a decision at this time.” But this time, I did NOT get that toggling stupid circle. I got a CONGRATULATIONS, YOU’RE APPROVED and baaam a $2,200 credit line. Then, I got a smaller card and in the midst of a medical emergency, I was able to get a loan from a non-educational institutional. I made sure to pay off ALL of the debt and make monthly payments 4x larger than the minimum due balance.
In under six months, I moved up to the next / better credit bracket.
I mean, comparatively speaking, my credit is still shit. But it’s not as shit as it used to be. And I am working to getting it better and better, one day at a time.
Growing up in poverty doesn’t mean you gotta stay in that shit. Real talk.

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