Decolonizing Academic Spaces


Join Dr. Brigette Fielder, Dr. Pamela E. Harris, Dr. Katie Phillips,  Iris Kaifa,  Indu Viswanathan, and Dr. Tatiana M.F. Cruz on a panel, entitled, “Decolonizing Academic Spaces:  Women of Color Speaking on Student Success, Allyship and Motherhood.”

This panel will be moderated by Melinda Gonzalez and ASL interpreted by Nicole Cartagna.

This panel serves THREE main goals/purposes:
1. We hope amplify the voices of women of color in academia and shed light to our struggles in academic (predominantly white) spaces with the goal of providing strategies and support to women of color.  One goal of this panel is to demystify the road to success in academia for women of color.  We will talk about the emotional and intellectual load of being a WoC, and WoC who have been successful in academia will provide strategies for resiliency and how to survive and even thrive in academic spaces.
2. Another goal of this panel works with the clear understanding that, for most of us, White women will make up the majority of our colleagues in these spaces. Thus, a secondary goal is to engage in anti-racist work that addresses the very real racism and micro-aggressions that WoC experience in academia. To that effect, we will be working on creating concrete steps and skills for White women to bring into their interactions with people of color in their academic and every day lives. We hope that these skills will be shared with their White colleagues in order to deal with daily microaggressions in academic spaces and to engage actively in anti-racist work that will lessen the burden on WoC to constantly be educating White folk on how to be better allies.
3 – By working together, WoC and White allies can begin to foster safe spaces within academia. This work will address White fragility. In order to engage in healing, we need to deeply understand that we need to talk about these issues. Please be aware that this panel can be triggering, emotionally and psychologically. While we foster support, we will be discussing real lived trauma.  I hope that this can become a healing space for us all.

Online Panel to be hosted live.
Intro by Moderator
7-10 min presentations by each panelist
30-45 min Q&A session
Closing remarks

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