Below are resources created by each of the panelists to assist you in continuing the work discussed today. Most pdfs are interactive and you may click on resources.

PowerPoints of all Panelists (pdf)

Why I Organized this Panel and Statistics on WoCA (pdf) by Melinda Gonzalez

Statistics on and Scholarships for PoC in Academia (pdf) by Melinda Gonzalez

A Suggested Frame for Self/Social Disruption and Transformation  (pdf) by Indu Viswanathan
This is worksheet that allows you to consider possibilities for self transformation and awareness. There is also a list of references and readings to continue the work.

Resources For Supporting DACA and Undocumented Students  (pdf) by Pamela E. Harris
This is a list of resources for institutions and professors to support DACA recipients and undocumented students.

Summary Sheet for Self-advocacy and Allyship (pdf) by Katie Phillips
This is an easy guide to engaging in self-care as a person of color in academia and for allies to engage.

Encouraging Overachievement for the Differently Abled in Academia (pdf) by Iris Kaifa
Resources and tips to encourage academic excellence amongst students with disabilities.

Tips and Resources on How to Raise “Woke” Children  (pdf) by Tatiana Cruz
This is a resource guide with steps on how to raise a socially conscious child and provides reading materials for parents of children of color as well as parents with White children.

Best Practices for Engaging in AntiRacist White Colleagueship by Brigitte Fielder (pdf)
This sheet is a list of best practices divided into categories to engage in better colleagueship with professors and students of color. There is also a list of references and readings to continue the work.

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Live Notes of WoCAPanel

Notes taken by: Kathrin Parks
Notes taken by: Ramon A. Garcia
Notes taken by: Dana Wright